mardi 4 décembre 2012


Singer  : Layne Staley

Layne Stanley's voice is very true and pure. His singing is known from coming immediately from the heart, making him one of my favorite singers.

I would like to start by introducing you to a band called Alice In Chains. This is a grunge group, who got famous when the grunge movement started ( in the 90's ) around the same time as Nirvana.
Alice in chains has often been qualified as Grunge by the media, but Jerry Cantrell ( the songwriter / guitarist ) says that they are actually a heavy metal band.

One of my favorite alice in chains songs :

Down in a hole, Alice In Chains, 1992

Other famous Alice In Chains songs  :
- Rooster
- Man in the box
- Love hate, love
- Would?
- Nutshell
- I stay away
- Got me wrong
- No excuses
- Heaven beside you
- Don't follow 

lundi 3 décembre 2012

Welcome To Ongaku

My name is Elise. I live in Paris, France.

"Music expresses that with cannot be put into words and that with cannot remain silent."

-Victor Hugo

The word Ongaku means music in japanese.

I feel like music is a way to set free, to live in a other part of the universe. I feel like every person as his or her's aura, something that IS him. Music is a way to define who you are.

This blog treats music, but mostly rock music. I can't quite stand RNB. If you want to discover new bands and singers, I'm inviting you to follow my blog.

I will also treat music movements and their history, as well as the life of some rock idols. In the whole, this blog is an easy way to expand your music culture. I hope you find a way to love Ongaku like I do.


David Bowie's album Aladdin Sane, 1973